May 18, , Not as cold as liquid nitrogen. I think it still would break the tubes Water isn’t naturally cool, it’s temperature is determined by the ambient temp of the environment the water is in and the technique used to cool it if applicable. Anyway, here’s my second shot at reorganizing this post. From your posts it sounds like you’re trying to mix two, completely different forms of cooling. Any liquified gas such as LN2 or liquid CO2 wouldn’t work at all in a standard water cooling loop. The second is that, well, it’s impossible. Water cooling uses conduction cooling to cool a pc. The principles of evaporative cooling are a little hard to understand, but I’m pretty sure I can explain it.

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The trays are built extra deep and in shallow Low Rise versions also and from strong material that can support all media types. With their sloped channel design, Active Aqua trays enable fast drainage and fight the negative effects of standing water. These chillers have a digital temperature memory system that remembers your settings in case of a power interruption. Boost growth and keep your reservoir oxygenated with Active Aqua air pumps and commercial air pumps, ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

All Active Aqua air pumps are high-pressure, oil-free, and environmentally safe, and consume low power as they work.

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June 14, So first off I’d like to say hi to everyone! This is my first post, but I am a frequent visitor of nano-reef. I have not been on a forum in quite a long time, but I miss the wealth of knowledge and discussions that go on so I decided to join. I have a Nano Cube 24DX that is about 7 months old, 2 hydor koralia nano pumps, maxi-jet my return pump , surface skimmer, sapphire skimmer soon to come in the mail!!!!

With some of that basic info I also present to you a dilemma: My tank is currently Before summer hit, my tank used to stay between 79F and 81F which did not bother me, but with these high temps I’m constantly battling algae, and the possibility of a tank crash. With that said, I am a DIY guy, and don’t really have much money to buy a chiller so I am building one from scratch. In the days to come I will be posting pictures and progress on my chiller.

I am using a peltier cooler, powered by an old AT computer power supply, with a ICA waterblock from nanotuners.

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San Diego oldfishkeeper said: I’m sure you were stoked to get that find! That is so awesome, chillers are pretty expensive no? Very happy for your find! I’m thinking you’ve covered all the bases.

The General Tools and Instruments AQ In and Out Aquarium Thermometer is the perfect thermometer for monitoring temperature in a marine environment.

July 13, How often does your chiller turn on in the middle of the day, with all lights on? I’m wondering if mine turns on way too often. It’s running probably x within an hour. I haven’t logged it exactly. I’ve always had T5’s over my tanks, and have never had heat issues that required a chiller, so this is my first time running one. I’ve got the normal circulation pump in chamber 3, and the chiller pump Rio in chamber2.

liquid nitrogen and water cooling

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Paid memberships don’t see ads! This is the last time I will be making these at this price, the cost of tool steel and carbide keep going up. There are thirty 36″ platens, eighteen 48″ platens, twenty five 72″ platens and six flat platens. Be aware that the 72″ grind is too subtle to really notice with your eyes. I think it is mostly used by folks making certain kinds of kitchen knives.

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And not surprisingly so. Offering a wide variety of choices — for saltwater, freshwater and reef tanks, AquaEuro stands out for its state-of-the-art features including: TradeWind Chiller Tradewind In Line Aquarium Chiller Whether in-line style aquarium chillers, drop-in style, or high-performance, the TradeWind series of aquarium chillers have always come out on top.

TradeWind uses Copeland Condensing units designed to provide optimum performance and durability. It has thermal expansion valves which are operated using an electronic controller. The built-in sensor has the ability to detect pump failure and automatically shuts off the chiller to prevent damage. Because of this, TradeWinds Chillers are known to last longer and maintain its efficiency for years. Remember, when you purchase a TradeWinds, be sure to avail of their free installation.

For more information, visit: The cooling technology used in TECO chillers boasts of high-efficiency titanium exchanger which not only makes it an efficient chiller, but also helps save energy. TECO aquarium chillers may be more expensive, but consider it a worthy investment. After all, its UK-based manufacturer guarantees efficiency, reliability and advanced technology — stuff that your precious little tank tenants deserve.

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I’ve bought a second hand Resun CL chiller from a fellow “reefugee” and I’ve downloaded a manual. The basics seems simple enough. However I’ve studied the mechanics of this and other chillers and there is a potential weakness in design.

The prices below are for Lifereef products only. However, I have access to several wholesale distributors and can purchase most anything in the hobby: Electronics, Wave/Current pumps, LED Lighting, Pumps, Neptune/Apex, etc. Email or call with your best price and let me see if I .

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