He runs a training business, writes books and rides bikes up big hills. He is the author of Be Creative Now Pearson Steve Rawling will explore common cognitive biases and mental shortcuts that lead even the brightest people to make avoidable mistakes. Live audience experiments, lots of stories of embarrassing errors and practical tips on how you can guard against biases in your own work. One day creative thinking workshop. Learn new ways to boost your creative power with techniques used across the media industry. Where is your next good idea coming from? But innovation depends on more than just one bright idea.


Yet often, what outpictures on the level of the physical does not reflect the intensity and meaningfulness of the soul connection that has brought us into proximity with another, whether for a few moments or for a lifetime. Where the bond is strong and one of commitment, we tend to assume that there is a deeper, positive connection. However, what is actually true is that this connection exists even where relationships do not function smoothly, or where they carry a great deal of difficulty.

Even in such cases, the soul connection may be one of a purely positive nature, though many serious problems or challenges may be manifesting on the physical plane. The confusion about ‘levels of relationship’ comes up commonly in two ways:

ken page, l.c.s.w. Deeper Dating Ken is a renowned psychotherapist, leading Psychology Today blogger, HuffPost blogger and author of the bestseller Deeper Dating: How to Drop the Games of Seduction and Discover the Power of Intimacy.

Philadelphia’s deep-poverty rate is That’s almost twice the U. Camden’s deep-poverty rate of 20 percent is more than three times the national mark, but its population is a fraction of Philadelphia’s. The numbers come from an examination by The Inquirer of the U. Census American Community Survey, released last week. As the city’s overall poverty rate declined slightly between and – from The number of residents living in deep poverty here is roughly equivalent to the total populations of cities such as Salt Lake City; Tallahassee, Fla.

Philadelphia’s deep-poverty rate “is a tremendous alarm bell of dysfunction and dangerous conditions,” said Deborah Weinstein, executive director of the Coalition on Human Needs, a Washington nonprofit. People in deep poverty live with uncertainty about food, housing, and child care, experts say. Often, they can’t pay rent and move in with friends or relatives. After a while, you stop looking for a job and settle for what life is,” said Steveanna Wynn, executive director of SHARE, a Philadelphia nonprofit that distributes food to pantries in the area.

Blombos Cave

Ice-sheet dynamics Sampling the surface of Taku Glacier in Alaska. There is increasingly dense firn between surface snow and blue glacier ice. An ice core is a vertical column through a glacier, sampling the layers that formed through an annual cycle of snowfall and melt. At Summit Camp in Greenland, the depth is 77 m and the ice is years old; at Dome C in Antarctica the depth is 95 m and the age years. The bubbles disappear and the ice becomes more transparent.

Ice is lost at the edges of the glacier to icebergs , or to summer melting, and the overall shape of the glacier does not change much with time.

“Deeper Dating is counter-intuitive, and it is among the best manuals for succeeding in finding and keeping love we have seen. According to its author, the core attractor for the person best suited for a great love is the part of you with which you may be most Reviews:

Advertisement Archeologists in Egypt discover mummification workshop A photographer films a gilded silver mummy mask found on the face of the mummy of the second priest of Mut, as it is displayed during a press conference in front of the step pyramid of Saqqara, in Giza, Saturday, July 14, The discovery which includes a mummification workshop and a shaft, used as a communal burial place, is located at the Saqqara necropolis of Memphis, the first capital of ancient Egypt.

The latest find, announced at a press conference Saturday, belongs to the Saite-Persian Period, from B. The site, which lies south of the Unas pyramid, was last excavated more than years ago, in In the mummification workshop, an embalmer’s cachette holding a large collection of pottery vessels, bowels and measuring cups were found.

Archeologists believe the findings will reveal more about the oils used in the mummification process in the 26th Dynasty.

Archaeologists in Egypt discover mummification workshop

This page is divided into two columns. In the left column, I dedicated two lines to each hour of the day and then divided that time into blocks labeled with specific assignments. In the right column, I add explanatory notes for these blocks where needed. Notice that I leave some extra room next to my time blocks. This allows me to make corrections as needed if the day unfolds in an unexpected way: I call this planning method time blocking.

Find Meetups so you can do more of what matters to you. Or create your own group and meet people near you who share your interests.

Dance to the bomba beats to celebrate the season! Jose Ocasio shares his knowledge of this Afro-Puerto Rican traditional art form through workshops, musical therapy and performances around NYC. At Children’s Museum of Manhattan, W. Representing all five boroughs of New York City and all corners of the globe in one East Village showcase! And hailing from the most diverse locale on the planet, Queens-based Grupo Rebolu gets the crowd dancing to the Afro-Colombian beat.

Travel the world with the sonic guidebook written by these proud New Yorkers. Last year’s festival boasted over 70 separate performances, Saturday on 4 concurrent stages. All the musicians volunteer their time. Profits are donated to charitable or educational organizations serving Balkan cultures and communities. Zlatne Uste Balkan Brass Band www.

For tickets, admission prices and more information go to the festival website. Sunday, February 4th and Monday, February 5th: The 4th International Shashmaqam Forever Concert will be a celebration of Yunus Rajabiy , a composer, musician and scholar who collected, systematized and transcribed more than a thousand songs and pieces from the Shashmaqam repertoire. Shashmaqam is the classical music of Central Asia which developed in the courts of the Emirs of Bukharan Empire for hundreds of years.

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The discovery which includes a mummification workshop and a shaft, used as a communal burial place, is located at the Saqqara necropolis of Memphis, the first capital of ancient Egypt. The latest find, announced at a press conference Saturday, belongs to the Saite-Persian Period, from B. The site, which lies south of the Unas pyramid, was last excavated more than years ago, in In the mummification workshop, an embalmer’s cachette holding a large collection of pottery vessels, bowels and measuring cups were found.

Archaeologists believe the findings will reveal more about the oils used in the mummification process in the 26th Dynasty. Among the artifacts found were fragments of mummy cartonnages, canopic cylindrical jars and marl clay and faience cups.

Deep Into Defense Mode Live is a weekend workshop designed for families. Once you’ve been through the workshop, you’ll have a much deeper understanding of how Asperger’s works, how to help & support people with Asperger’s, as well as how to reduce stress in yourself, and increase trust in .

Opening to love is the power that transforms lives All the workshops provide an opportunity to learn to connect with your unique being and learn to create healthy, fulfilling and loving relationships. They give you the experiences and deep inner learning that is needed for you to thrive in your life, reaching your highest potential in all areas of your life. What to expect on a Jan Day Workshop Why Work with Jan – listen to some participants speaking about their experience Conscious Relationships Workshop To get an impression of a workshop with Jan, you can watch this video.

Note that this workshop was filmed by prior consent. Cameras and video equipment is not generally permitted in the workshop space. You’ll be able to meet and connect with others in a caring, respectful environment learn to to sense into your own boundaries and learn to express them learn to ask for what you want learn to communicate authentically find beauty in physical intimacy learn to say no with love discover different types of touch allow yourself to be seen.

Coaching sessions, in person or by telephone, can help you integrate what you experience in the workshops into your everyday life. Coaching is a way to get the support and encouragement you need to feel alive and vibrant in your relationships and friendships, in your body and feelings, in your work, in your play. Coaching is available to participants of the 18 month training programme.

Of big cities, Phila. worst for people in deep poverty

Hebb published ideas about unsupervised learning. The following decades brought shallow unsupervised NNs and supervised NNs e. Early supervised NNs were essentially variants of linear regressors dating back two centuries Gauss, Legendre. Deep Learning networks originated in the s when Ivakhnenko and Lapa published the first general, working learning algorithm for supervised deep feedforward multilayer perceptrons.

Their units had polynomial activation functions combining additions and multiplications in Kolmogorov-Gabor polynomials.

Explore the deep healing powers of Tantric and Tao Bodywork on a Tantric Journey retreat. The Emotional Detox TJ workshop has had a big impact in my life in many different layers. As Mal and i became one i healed/cleared myself of a trauma locked in my body dating back 28 years the kind of trauma that inhibits you 2 just simply breathe.

Sometimes it feels as though what we were hired to do as art teachers is what we spend the least time teaching. Most of our days are focused on managing behavior, assessing student art and writing rubrics. No wonder our creative souls feel out of synch. Teaching art is different today than it was 15 years ago. Budgets are spent on services, not supplies. Yet, you still need to be inspired. I hope you join me for a full day of creating really amazing art that you can take back to your classroom.

Believe me, when you surprise your students with engaging subjects and cool techniques, behavior issues vanish. Even with a small inventory of art supplies, you can make magic happen in your art room, studio or classroom. The techniques presented in our workshop will offer you a wide range of options so that even if you are teaching art to a group of 5-year olds or a gaggle of teens, the artists will share their secrets on scaling the projects.

Teaching, sharing and encouraging YOU to be your creative best. Are you a Sparkler? Deep Space Sparkle offer art lesson plans and teaching resources that will help you teach art to kids, even if you aren’t a great artist. You collect the supplies, round up the artists and watch the creativity unfold.

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Excavation history and research context[ edit ] Stratigraphy in Blombos Cave Blombos Cave was first excavated in — as a part of Professor Christopher S. Henshilwood’s doctoral thesis. From the initial excavations conducted in the early s, the Blombos Cave project has adopted and established new and innovative research agendas in the study of southern African prehistory. While Henshilwood’s initial, doctoral research was directed towards the more recent Later Stone Age occupation levels, the focus since has been on the Middle Stone Age sequence.

The Blombos Cave project has since then developed academically, economically and administratively, from being a local and small-scale test excavation to becoming an international, full scale, high-technological archaeological project.

I recommend the Dating Workshop for several reasons: It’s thoroughly biblically-based, so you can trust it. It’s been thought out, on a deep personal understanding on how people operate, so it’s not some shallow approach. It’s fun, it has interesting people & lots of energy. It also provides many practical solutions.

A workshop for couples that want MORE! September th, Register now! Maybe you find yourselves arguing a lot more than you used to, and being intimate a lot less. Where did the butterflies go? Everyone else looks happy…so it must be us, right? This workshop is for you if When we met, Gal was a marketing manager in tech and Liron was a design student. At first, the romance was everything we could hope for—but all too soon, trouble showed up.

Gal complained that he carried all the financial burden in the relationship. Then we decided to work on it. Gal left his tech job to become a therapist. Liron let go of her design career and also became a therapist. In fact, we felt so inspired that we decided to dedicate our lives to working with couples. Gal teaches other therapists how to work with couples.

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This is vital in doing personal prenatal, birth and early work. Participants need to arrange to attend the entire workshop as this is important for the creation of safety and security in the group. Participants are asked to leave the evenings free as we do not set a definite ending time. This is extremely important as the sessions can be variable in time, and we want the space to be with what wants to happen.

The Art and Science of Love has been shown to achieve results similar to those of 6 months of marital therapy and 94% of previous workshop attendees have reported positive results after attending this groundbreaking weekend workshop.

Dating can help you become the person you most want to be. The quality of the encounters determines the quality of the relationship. Would you want a long-term partnership that consisted of unsatisfying exchanges: Every date is its own short-term partnership. They seem to like you just as much. You have a feeling about this person. If you can find out what the secret is, it will change you forever. How will you spend the few precious hours you have?

The relationship happens now, not later, because all you ever have with anyone is the present moment. How will you spend it? You can do all this on your one and only date. And you can have as many only dates as you want.

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