Flesh of deer will hill provide, Fresh-run salmon shall the river, Shy grey-hen and mallard wild To my gun will fall as ever. Calm delight my heart shall warm Light my step to Lussa—given, Gaelic speech my ear shall charm, Dearest island under Heaven. Translation by Donald Budge Chapter I At the dawn of history, the western islands of what is now Scotland were populated by a group of Aryan people known as the Celts. They were a nomadic race who had originated in Asia. Also known as Gaels, they had trekked slowly across India and Asia Minor and once were so numerous at one location that one area was called “Galatia”. These people slowly but deliberately spread northward over Europe and finally reached the northern shores of what is now France. This hearty race soon established themselves in northwest Ireland.


The word “Scotch” applies only to things – for example, whisky, Scotch eggs, Scotch beef and Scotch Corner a road junction leading to Scotland. Do not to refer to Scotland as England, or to Scottish as English – it is very likely to cause serious offence! Further, do not refer to Britain or the United Kingdom as England. England, as is the case with Scotland, forms only a part of Britain and the United Kingdom. Scotland has always been the most administratively independent of the four home nations of the UK and retained its own legal, religious and educational institutions at the Union in which created Great Britain.

Prior to , it was an independent kingdom but had shared a monarch with England since

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Venus of Monruz , dating to the end of the Magdalenian The oldest traces of humans in the municipal area are the remains of a Magdalenian hunting camp, which was dated to 13, BC. It was discovered in during construction of the A5 motorway at Monruz La Coudre. Around the fire pits carved flints and bones were found. In addition to the flint and bone artifacts three tiny earrings from lignite were found. The earrings may have served as symbols of fertility and represent the oldest known art in Switzerland.

This first camp was used by Cro-Magnons to hunt horse and reindeer in the area.

May 02,  · Thanks to antibiotics, we tend to think of urinary tract infections as no big deal. Pop some cipro, and you’re done. A good thing, too—if the E. coli that usually cause UTIs crawl up the.

Distillation Barley All Single Malt whisky starts as barley. This type of grain is used due to its high level of starch in the grain, which will be converted into sugars during the mashing phase of the distilling. Malting In order to release the starch from the core of the barley, malting recognises three distinct phases. The first phase, steeping, involves soaking the barley grains with water in large vessels steeps.

Oxygen is pumped through in order to accellerate the absorbation of water into the Barley. Steeping usually lasts between hours. Steeping ensures the barley will enter the second phase of germination, where inside the barley grain enzymes will start breaking down the cell walls and convert starch into sugars. Barley grains start developing roots and shoots during this phase. Germination generally is done on so-called malting floors, where the barley is spread out, and turned regularly in order to control the heat generated by the process, and to prevent the grains from sticking together.

Germination takes between five to nine days. Kilning After the cell walls of the grains have been broken down, but before the starch is being consumed, the germination will be stopped by heating the grain. This is the third phase of the malting process, and is known as kilning. The grain will be dried by hot air or smoke rising from a kiln through a perforated floor on which the barley now called green malt has been spread.

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Dating back to the early s, the property is the one of the only remaining dwellings in Crinan from that period and one of only nine properties on the harbour itself, adding to its desirability. The property has been extended significantly to create a wonderful home which now extends to approximately 2, sq ft.

The 5ft-wide prints were made about million years ago by sauropods – long-necked herbivores – in chalky sediment in the Jura plateau of eastern France. Two eagle-eyed nature lovers, Marie-Helene Marcaud and Patrice Landry, discovered the site on a path through a mountain prairie and reported it to scientists. Paleontologists in the Jura mountains gather round a giant footprint The find will help experts learn more about the reptiles, which were more than 75ft long, weighed up to 40 tonnes and lived during the Late Jurassic period.

And researchers believe there are hundreds, or even thousands, more still hidden. Several scientists who are not connected with the project said the prints appeared to be among the biggest ever found internationally, though they noted that slightly larger tracks have been recorded elsewhere. One of 20 5ft-wide sauropod prints that were found by nature lovers Andrew Milner, paleontologist at the St George Dinosaur Discovery Site at Johnson Farm in southwestern Utah, looked at photos of the French craters and said: The Jura mountains gave the Jurassic period their name because rocks from the period were found there.

Back then, the area resembled the Bahamas, all water and islands. Dr Mazin said the dinosaurs are believed to have left their tracks in the mud, which then dried in the sun, and were then covered up by sea and sediment, safeguarding the prints through history. Share or comment on this article: Dinosaur prints discovered in France that belonged to tonne monster Most watched News videos.


Ce concept de rencontre “obligatoire” est super! Gregory Guingand de Faverges Super moment passer hier soir, super accueil, bonne organisation. Merci pour votre organisations qui aide je crois beaucoup de Gens. Des rencontres, des regards, des rires

Jan 09,  · Putting these facts — past-prime pants plus equestrian effects and war paraphernalia — together added heft to an idea that archaeologists have had .

Change onto a high-speed train and whiz through France towards Switzerland in just over three hours, all the while admiring the beautiful lake and mountain scenes out your window. On arrival in French-speaking Geneva, make your way to your hotel for an overnight stay. Spend the evening enjoying a tasty meal at a local lakeside restaurant, or take a relaxing boat trip out on the lake and admire the city’s cosmopolitan feel and the stunning backdrop of the Alps and the Jura mountains.

Relax whilst the train follows the shores of Lake Leman and across Swiss vineyards, with stunning views of the Alps in the background. Travel further south after crossing the border into Italy before arriving in Venice. On arrival, check in at your hotel and enjoy a three-night stay. Overnight in Venice Day 3 – Venice A visit to Venice is not complete without a ride on a Gondola, a mode of transport that has been in existence in Venice for over years! Soak up the vibrant atmosphere in St.

Mark’s Square, whilst marvelling at the beautiful mosaics that adorn the Basilica and maybe visit the Doge’s Palace, with its origins dating back to the 14th century. It is advisable to take a tour of this important Venetian landmark to fully understand its extensive history. Fascinating museums, exquisite art galleries and ornate churches await! Enjoy a tasty lunch by the waterside and maybe sample some local delights at the Rialto Markets, including a fish market held here for over years.

Be sure to leave some time to take a tour of the famous glassblowers on the island of Murano and stopover at Burano, a small island famous for lace and its colourful houses. Overnight in Venice Day 5 – Venice to London This morning is your chance to visit those places not yet explored and absorb the last of the Venetian culture.

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Back Property description Extending to about acres in total, Kilchoan is a residential and agricultural estate in a spectacular setting overlooking the sea loch of Loch Melfort with breathtaking views to the islands of the Inner Hebrides and the Kintyre coast. The components of the estate are described as follows: Whilst dated and in need of modernisation, the house has a range of period internal decorative features with accommodation over two floors.

In recent years, the house has been re-wired and a new oil-fired boiler has been fitted. On the west side of the house is a magnificent walled garden with fully stocked beds of fruit, shrubs and flowers.

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There is the somewhat odd accountant exercise; we call the Tasting Note, where we put together the fragmented pieces into a final result. I hate it — yet I have done it thousand of times before and continue to do it. So I end up in the same blind alley as everyone else. I want to share. I want to inspire. I think most of us know that fragmenting wine is ridiculous.

Before I take you into my Champagne experience, I should write a small disclaimer.

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Since then, a series of excavations at the site has uncovered other tracks, sprawling over more than meters. They form the longest sauropod trackway ever to be found. In , when sauropod tracks were discovered in the French village of Plagne — near Lyon — the news went round the world. Their work unearthed many more dinosaur footprints and trackways. It turns out the prints found in are part of a step trackway that extends over m — a world record for sauropods, which were the largest of the dinosaurs.

Dating of the limestone layers reveals that the trackway was formed million years ago, during the Early Tithonian Age of the Jurassic Period.

‘The Party To End World Hunger’ Speed Dating Night. Put away Tinder — speed dating for an even better cause than your love life is here. The Last Vintage Sportswear Market. This one’s a boozy blend of Monkey Shoulder and Jura Superstition whiskies, vermouth and bitters, served alongside a smoking pile of wood chips for full effect.

McConnell replies “There’s no such thing as Brooklyn bourbon,” which gets a laugh. But Chuck Schumer committed a gaffe today that has the whiskey world slapping its head in frustration and hilarity. Widow Jane is one of those famous examples of a distillery that sources whiskey from a distillery somewhere else in this case, supremely ironically, Kentucky of all places and then lied I’m using the past tense here about being made locally in Brooklyn.

It’s just awful, or hilarious, or pathetic, depending on how you look on it. Newsweek got the angle first at 11am – well ahead of most of the press, in a piece by Gersh Kuntzman which gleefully points out that Widow Jane is Bourbon sourced from Kentucky. The story spread from here. Kuntzman makes sure to tell us in 3 separate parenthetical asides that he has been drinking the whiskey actively while writing up the story, and he really likes it.

He likes it a lot. Widow Jane is full disclosure exemplary whiskey That is deliciously accurate. But here is a moment when much of America is actually talking about and thinking about whiskey and they are getting exactly the wrong lessons about whiskey.