Using a Performance Carlson’s Choke Tube is a great place to start, but don’t forget to go to the range and pattern your shotgun for the load and choke you intend to use. Changes in loads or chokes will change your patterns. Choose the Correct Choke Pattern the ammo and the choke combination Most barrels don’t shoot “Point of Aim” Changing Loads will alter your pattern Be sure to always pattern new combinations Check patterns at varied distances Questions? We are the Pattern Pros! We are the industry leader for choke tubes and shotgun patterning and here’s why: Nearly 30 Years of Pattern Data No other company can claim the patterning and test data we have. We’ve analyzed thousands of load and choke combos with our proprietary software. Made in the U. Lifetime Warranty We back all of our choke tubes with our lifetime warranty so you can focus on busting clays and filling bag limits.

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Think of them as more of a tool and less of an art work. Tough as hell shotgun that never misses a beat except it fell of the ugly tree. However there is more than meets the eye. This is where Baikals have been known to make some owners unhappy about the choice of their equipment. The occurrence though very rare usually happens at an extremely critical moment when everything else seems to be perfect.

Looking for what a BAIKAL is worth? View our historical sales information to see market price, buying trends, and sales by different parts of the United States.

This is information only about what a few cowboys found worked for them. If you do not feel comfortable working on your gun and assuming liability, please go to a good gunsmith and let them tune your gun. The first thing you need to do is remove the barrels, stocks, and trigger guard. Take off the butt pad. There is a hole in the rear of the stock and a screw at the bottom of that hole.

This screw holds the stock in place. Remove it and pull the stock free from the receiver. To remove the trigger guard, remove the screw that holds the stock mount in place. This is at the rear of the receiver assembly and it is the part that the long stock screw was attached to. Rotate the trigger guard counter clockwise until it comes off. Next remove the screw at the bottom of the receiver that holds the bottom plate in place.

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Consumers, retailers and farmers alike are hungry for the next generation of food, and investors are beginning to acquire the taste, too. Agrifood can be split into two parts. Jointly, the two have enough reach to impact every part of the production line, from farm to fork.

Baikal by Izhmash IZHKM 20 Inch Detachable Mag Pump Shotgun – Excellent – GI#: This is a Russian manufactured 20 Inch pump shotgun with a detachable 4 shot magazine in 12 Ga with an Improved Cylinder choked barrel.

One of the most interesting products currentlu offered by the Russian Concern Kalashnikov , this shotgun was developed independently by the Izhevsky Mekhanichesky Zavod – “Baikal” company before it would merge with the Kalashnikov Concern and turn into its hunting-oriented products brand. The Baikal MP K semiautomatic shotgun was conceived to meet the tastes and the needs of the younger, more modern generation of shooters in terms of hunting, sporting, and defensive shotguns; due to its layout, it is also generically fit for a plethora of professional applications, from private security to law enforcement.

As such, it is a gas-operated platform featuring an annular piston that runs around a gas tube located just under the barrel. The gas system is self-adjusting to provide sufficient reliability with any load in terms of concept and purpose, it is reminiscent of Benelli’s ARGO system, used on the M4 “Super 90” a. M JSCS shotgun , but upon field-strip it can be set through a valve to optimize its performance for lighter or heavier loads. The receiver of the Baikal MP K semiautomatic shotgun is essentially the same as the baseline MP hunting shotgun; it is manufactured out of hard-anodized, black lightweight aluminum alloy, and is mounted on a reinforced black polymer lower receiver which integrates a pistol grip and a fixed buttstock and also hosts a totally removable trigger group.

A flat release lever is located within the trigger guard, at easy index finger reach, for quicker reloading. For the near future, the Concern Kalashnikov seems to be planning the launch of a gauge variant of the Baikal MP K shotgun, but no further information is available so far. The Baikal MP K semiautomatic shotgun is currently available for commercial sales in Russia at the extremely competitive manufacturer’s suggested retail price of Unfortunately, due to the current international sanctions against Russia, the Baikal MP K semiautomatic shotgun is not available for export.

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My reasoning for this was the need for a rifle that I can pack down into my day pack when bunny hunting good for pigs, goats, and maybe help with the fitness. As fate would have it the Rossi’s are only available in 44 magnum, and I found a Baikal at Reloaders in Auckland. According the the shops both are now out of stock for most calibres for 6 months, and prices will be going up.

Last week my Baikal arrived

Apr 04,  · great, thanks Humpty Dumpty! It’s a nice gun. Lots of engravings on it, and a nice turkey stamped on one side and a partridge on the other. Bluing is in fair condition, and the price was right.

Triggers lightened Qualified Gunsmith. Pachmayr recoil-pad added to stock to compensate for 3″ magnum shotgun loads DIY. I went to the Range to sight in the scope and then did some preliminary load testing for the rifle. The scope is a Tasco EXP 1. The beauty of this scope is its 5″ eye relief which matches to the short scope rail for perfect eye alignment as well as plenty of scope-bite clearance for those hard hitting shotgun loads you’ll be using.

A recoil pad is highly recommended. The Shotgun Pattern seemed to be rather spread out for buckshot and a full choke. This is probably as much an advantage as anything for the closer shots, and since anything beyond 30 yards is more likely to get a Bullet rather than Buckshot, not a major concern. Rifle Ammunition loads Tested: As of this writing, I have taken 1 gray fox and 4 coyotes with the combo gun.

Unfortunately for this report, all were taken using the shotgun barrel, so I cant yet give any data on the terminal effects of the 6. Bullets from 85grn to over grn are available including thin-skinned varmint bullets and heavy jackets for larger game, regardless a relatively “fur friendly” combination can be obtained in this caliber. As with most shotgun predator shooting, putting a second round of buckshot into the critter is recommended, even if it appears that you hit-em-hard the first time, this is also why I recommend using the 3″ shells, even though they do kick rather hard.


They are made to usually print at 50 or 75 yrds on the same point with both barrels using a particular load and bullet weight, if the load or the bullet is changed or both then the rifle is out of tune and they print in a very different spot rendering some time pending on the distance the rifle very inacurate, there for very dangerous if the hunter is after some creature that he just pist off and could eat him for breakfast.

The reason of the high price tag a part of the cosmetic work, is the intense labor required to make each one fire accurately both barrel on the target at a given distance with the prescribe cartridge. Te only way to perform this task is by spot solderin the barrel to a prescribed angle and fire at the range, then back to the shop and modify the angle and back to the range

Apr 07,  · You’ll notice some big price differences. But expect to pay around £ for a second-hand bore Baikal over-and-under in decent condition. For a new gun you would pay £ for a single barrel, £ for a side-by-side, £ for an over-and-under and £ for a semi-auto.

Dates Notes Christopher George Bonehill was born in , son of a manufacturing ironmonger. He established his own firm in , but it was only in that he was recorded at 33 Charlotte Street with a factory in Morville Street. It was probably about this time that the firm were appointed contractors to Her Majesty’s War Department.

In he patented a shotgun action and stocks No. In he registered four patents, No. In patent No. In , patent No. There may have been another patent for a. Virtually nothing is known about the firm from about to when they closed. Presumably, they contributed to the war effort , and presumably they suffered a lack of business in the period From to they would have seen a gradual decline in business.

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Email this article to a friend To send a link to this page you must be logged in. Mike Yardley likes the solid build, the price and the gun’s auto safety When I was young — a very long time ago in a land that time forgot — a lot of people started their shooting career with a Baikal single barrel or an AyA Cosmos. They tended to move on to some sort of double barrelled non-ejector; it might be an old English gun, a Spanish import such as an AyA Yeoman or Ugartechea or it might have been a Baikal like the test gun, but almost certainly a 12 one that could digest cheap Baikal cartridges.

Sportsmarketing of Colchester used to import Baikals by the container-load, but now it is York Guns that brings them in and I would like to thank David Thompson of that firm for supplying the test specimen and for other past favours.

Nov 04,  · Some may smirk at the mention of a Baikal shotguns, but our reviewer Mike George rates the Russian offering as one of his top 10 guns of the past 50 years.

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Nov 27,  · At present,its still OK to use lead for waterfowl in 16 ga ,the IJ I brought has a pistol grip stock,however,over christmas I converted a 16 ga Baikal single shot to a straight grip stock,as its only a few years old and the stocks they come with now (Birch I think) are very clubby and uncomfortable.I will post a pic of that also.

Excellent, crisp characteristics Free Floating Barrels The point of impact of every single barrel remains constant. Rifle as well as shotgun barrels can be adjusted to each other precisely Forged Barrel and Chamber Precision and durability: Not only barrels but also chambers are cold hammer forged in most calibers. Barrel and chamber are perfectly concentric.

Blaser Saddle Mount The notches that hold the mounting base are positioned directly above the chambers. The barrels float freely while the point of impact remains constant. Each barrel of a Blaser Combination Rifle can float and expand freely.

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